Best Way to Install Your Printer to a New PC

Just now my office mate had a problem with her printer. She wanted to have a new one, as the one she uses that time was very old and having so much problem.

So I suggested her to take the one in the meeting room, as I found it a little bit heavy duty type of printer, HP LaserJet P2015. But when I tried to install it, I couldn’t find any driver for it.

I’ve tried so many ways to install the driver, but failed. I downloaded the driver from the internet, HP support center, but when I tried to install it, it says “Print processor doesn’t exist”. I didn’t understand what does it means and what was actually happened.

Later, I tried to look for a PC that uses the same type of printer. Luckily I found a mate whose using the same printer as hers. I then tried to grab the driver from that PC to her printer but I didn’t know how and where to get it.

After all that difficulties, I then got an idea. The idea was like this:

  1. First, share the printer (Right-click the printer » Sharing… – Sharing tab – click Share this printer and click Ok).
  2. Then, go to the PC you want to install the driver into.
  3. Search for the printer you shared just now. Normally, if you’re using Windows XP in your networks, it’ll automatically find any printer attached on the network and shared, and put it in your “Printers and Faxes” list.
  4. When you’ve found the printer in the list, right-click the printer, » “Properties”.
  5. On the “General” tab, name it from a ‘networked’ name to another name that make it known as yours.
  6. On the “Ports” tab, change to network port to your port you use for the printer, like Virtual USB or LPT1.
  7. Click Apply and Ok.
  8. Finally, right-click the printer » Properties, click “Print Test Page” on the “General” tab. You’ll see it came out from your printer, not the other printer on your network!

So the best way to install your printer to a new PC is to create a network from your old PC to your new PC, then grab the printer like what I showed above. All the best!

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