Test New Youtube Plugin

Recently, I used Anarchy Media Player for my youtube plugin. But when I upgrade my wordpress from 2.0 to 2.2, it became unsupported.

So I search the web for the plugin, until I found this plugin. So, this is just a test for my new youtube plugin. I hope it works! 😛

This one with standard view…


… and this one is different view …


It’s about 150 pixel in width, and also autoplay. Great!

Credit to Paul Bain! <– click on it to download the plugin



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6 thoughts on “Test New Youtube Plugin”

  1. With this plugin, you can embed youtube as well as google video. For the dimensions, you can enter any amount, width and height. One more, you may set it to be autoplay or not.

  2. Coolio mucho! Love everything about the info but one, the video! You stole the youtube link from me! Hehe. Nah, just kidding.

    Too small isn’t pleasant to watch. Too big may break the pixels. Erm, perhaps in between would be just nice. Unless you’re talking about High Definition video, that is exceptional.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this great info! Keep feeding amazing stuff mate.

  3. Sorry for stealing your link. But I love it too… She’s not yours, she’s for everybody. That’s what an artist means… (I you don’t like your girlfriend or spouse to be watched, make sure she’s not turning herself to be an artist or a celebrity) hahaha 😀

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