The Story of Nurin from Her Uncle’s Friend

From what we heard from the news, the criminal wiped clean all evidences from the corpse, so unlikely can the police find any DNA on it. Semen of course no, as she wasn’t raped, just molested with brinjals.

My cousin spoke to Nurin’s uncle, Jazlan, and below is a bit of the real story:

Spoke to jazlan (the photographer son of jalil kelabu) just a few minutes ago. He told me all the details. Today the face of the girl started to look more like nurin. Two days ago the parents could not really recognize and was in denial. Today at the burial, she started to look very much like their lost daughter. I had tears in my eyes. Nurin is about ********’s age and I can’t imagine how would I ever survive such a trauma. I admire the parents for being so strong.

Her private parts (both vagina and anal) were totally destroyed and torn outside and inside. They left a big fat brinjal inside the vagina deep inside destroying the intestines etc. she was not fed for over 2 weeks only water (they did not find any source of food inside her body). She cried so much the eye lashes froze up with salt type discharge from tears. Her bones were showing like a famine kid. Her skin was distorted. The killer must have done so many things to the poor girl.

To shove her inside the gym bag, they broke her backbone and neck to fold her up to fit inside the bag.

There is no describing what kind of person would do such a thing.




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2 thoughts on “The Story of Nurin from Her Uncle’s Friend”

  1. PDRM nak guna khidmat FBI untuk carik pembunuh adik Nurin….ok la tu…mesti cari pembunuh tu sampai dapat…teringin sangat nak tgk rupe pembunuh tu….kejam sangat

  2. Tu dah dapat suspek 5 orang. Harap2 biarlah orang yang dijatuhkan hukuman itu memang dia yang buat. Sebab kalo salah tangkap, kesian lah pulak dekat orang yang tak bersalah tu. Yang membuatnya pulak masih berkeliaran bebas di luar sana… Nauzubillah!

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