Malaysian Astronauts

American Spaceman is called Astronaut
Russian Spaceman is called Cosmonaut
Chinese Spaceman is called Taikonaut
Malaysian Spaceman is called Can-or-naut !!

Dr. Mahathir was thinking about sending a Malaysian into space. Three potential can-a-nauts were called for an interview – one Indian, one Malay and one Chinese.

Dr. M interviews the Indian first: “So, Muthu, this is a dangerous mission. How much do you think you should be paid?”

Muthu replied: “One million ringgit.”

“Why so much?” asks Dr. M.

“Very dangerous mission, Datuk. Maybe I no come back!” replied Muthu.

“That’s understandable,” says Dr. M. “Thank you…please ask the Malay guy to come here.”

So the Malay walks up, and is asked the same question.

Alamak, 2 million,” replied the Malay candidate.

“Two million? That’s twice as much! Even that anneh (bro in tamil) before you asked for only one million.”

“You see, Datuk,” explains Mat. “I have 4 wives and 15 children … With so many of us, it is a big family to leave behind when I am gone..!”

“I see,” says Dr. M. “Okay, can you ask that Chinese guy to come then?”

The Chinese guy comes in and Dr. M asks, “Ah Chong, as you heard, This is a very risky mission, how much do you want?”

Ah Chong smiles for a while, and says, “3 million.”

Mahathir appears shocked. “What??? 3 million! Why so much?”

Ah Chong beckons Dr. M to come closer, whereupon he quietly whispers into his ear, “Datuk, one million you keep, one million I keep, and then one more million to send that anneh into space!”



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