Knee Down – Touched At Last!

It’s all about your mindset — set your intention to make a solid corner, not to touch down your knees for nothing.

First, you need find a large and clean, sand free, tarmac space like an empty parking lots.

Then, ride your bike with the first gear all your way to a suitable point, say, a corner of your own imagination. Lean (not twist) your body all together with your head, shoulder and buttocks.

Open your inside knee widely, use your body mass, again, to make a solid corner, not to touch down your knee. Get your body loose and easy, not too tight and strict. Maintain your throttle with ease, you don’t want to get slided.

It could be faster and faster along the way. Enjoy the moments.

That’s what I did, and I finally made it on the third try LOL!!!



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