Trivia: What is Sodium Chloride?

Yasmin Yusof, a DJ on Radio 4 asked listeners on her radio program to call to answer trivia questions. The first caller to give the correct answer would get a prize from the sponsor. She asked:

“Can anyone out there tell me the household name of Sodium Chloride”

A caller who is a housewife called up eager to answer the question. Not knowing the answer to the question, she asked Yasmin for a clue.

“Something you put on your husbands eggs in the morning.” she said. The lady confidently said : “Talcum powder”.

Yasmin Yusof did not return to the air until after a few songs!



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2 thoughts on “Trivia: What is Sodium Chloride?”

    1. Cecair sodium chloride beli kat kedai, mintak kat makcik kedai tu, kicap satu! Sodium bisulfite tu pulak ko mintak jer cuka.

      Ferrous chloride tu aku pun tak sure lah. Boleh ko tolong bagi tau? Hehehe aku tau ko tau. Ko saje nak test aku kan?

      Kui3x! 😈

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